The Think Corner service concept is based on the seven Corners created around the main motivations of its visitors. Each Corner offers services and events that support collaborative learning and interaction.

Visitor Corner welcomes all friends of science to the academic community. It is the first point of contact with the University of Helsinki, a doorway to the University and its services, and a physical and virtual avenue to cooperation with the University. Community managers guide interaction and welcome visitors.


  • Guided tours for visitors
  • Client service point (physical and online)
    • Room bookings, contact people
  • Information packages about the University of Helsinki:
    • Launch research cooperation
    • Become a student
    • What is research at the University of Helsinki about?

The Think Corner spaces function as a new kind of platform for collaborative learning and an inspiring work environment which takes advantage of cutting-edge research on multi-channel learning environments and work methods. Work Corner supports interactive workshops, ideation and co-creation. Individual workstations will also be on offer. At Think Corner, you will meet other people working and studying at the University in a relaxed, inspiring environment, where you can swap ideas and learn new things.


  • Drop-in workstations with good network connections in the centre of Helsinki
  • Convertible and inviting group work spaces with modern high-standard equipment (such as Presemo, video conferencing)
  • Restaurant services

What will learning and work be like in the future? Learning Corner combines the best learning practices, top experts in pedagogy and the opportunities offered by learning technology. At Learning Corner, members of the University of Helsinki’s Teachers’ Academy, pedagogues and partners can try out different learning methods and tools. Expert groups from around the world who come to learn about the Finnish education system will be directed to Learning Corner.


  • Open lecture courses experimenting with new learning practices and environments

  • Ideas and tools for individuals and organisations to develop learning, work and time management

  • Corporate cooperation projects

  • Science education courses and events for children, young people and their parents or grandparents

  • Continuing education for staff

Partnership Corner brings together researchers and those using and funding independent research. The goal is to maximise the impact of research, to engage in dialogue before the research begins and to connect people and institutions that would benefit from combining their strengths.


  • Research funding (e.g., crowdfunding, partnership projects, Academy of Finland programme seminars and preparing for the EU’s Horizon programme)
  • Networking events for researchers and partners
  • Commissioned research and Master’s theses
  • Impact Clinic coaching
  • Communication services to maximise the digital footprint (together with Media Corner)

Career Corner connects services relating to career planning and entrepreneurship with cross-disciplinary cooperation projects. Career Corner can help students choose disciplines and plan careers as well as to enter employment faster. Students will gain important career skills and contacts outside the University.


  • Career guidance and mentoring in small groups
  • A talent-matching career clinic for students and employers
  • Master’s thesis commissions and cross-disciplinary project courses
  • Job-seeking clinic
  • Helsinki Think Company and entrepreneurship services

Media Corner can help you find tools for producing media content about research and to publish it through many different channels.  Impact communication professionals organise instruction and courses for researchers and students on high-impact communication. The goal is to create “science hits”: content and topics that are shareable on social media and through the communication channels of the University and Think Corner. Think Corner also has a studio for live broadcasts, and all members of the University community can present their discoveries to the public.


  • Media and communications for making research accessible
  • Producing professional media content (e.g., infographics, animations, podcasts or videos)

Experience Corner is Think Corner’s multi-channel, interactive platform for science communication. At Experience Corner you will realise how many forms science takes in our everyday lives, and what science can do. Top research and current topics turn into accessible conversations and engaging action. The frequently updated programme is built around the University’s focus areas and topical affairs.


  • Science events and theme days
  • Interactive exhibitions of research projects and innovations
  • Engaging research

The café at Think Corner brings people together for coffee, lunch or beer at Finland’s first science bar. The space changes according to the time of day. Food & Drink can extend  out to Yliopistonkatu in true street food style. The University’s students and researchers can create content for the events.


  • A place for both fun and work in the centre of Helsinki Food and drink from early until late
  • Catering services
  • Themed events from brunch to disco, standup comedy, science dinners or even poetry karaoke

At the shop, you will find interesting books, magazines, publications and University of Helsinki products. Tourists and visiting researchers can pick up fun souvenirs from Finland. The shop can also be harnessed for crowdfunding; for example, 5 euros from the sale price of a particular product can be donated to a Baltic research project.


  • Bookstore
  • UH products and souvenirs
  • Popup sales points for rotating entrepreneurs

Your brain is not the only thing that needs a workout. UniSport welcomes everyone to take care of themselves. It is a meeting place where the focus is on experience, not performance.  UniSport has something for everyone. Are you a beginner? We can guide you and help you get started. Are you an experienced athlete? We provide comprehensive equipment for your hobby and encourage you to challenge yourself with new things.


  • Exercise classes and gym
  • Personal and wellbeing services
  • Sports equipment available on loan
  • Possibility to organise themed exercise classes, e.g., combine a lecture with a spinning class
  • Equipment storage available for rent




Kari, a representative of a Finnish game development company, receives a proposal from the University of Helsinki to cooperate with students at the new Think Corner.

Kari is sceptical at first, as he thinks of the University as an inflexible, dusty institution.



Kari is surprised to see a total of 325 people logged onto the Think Corner website.

His previous employer is organising an event where the company’s development challenges are solved together with the University’s researchers and students.



He goes to Food & Drink to meet with a Think Corner community manager, who explains the different cooperation models offered by the University of Helsinki. Kari decides to arrange a problem-solving event for students and researchers.



Kari wants to find skilled employees and development ideas for a new game based on gamifying comprehensive school.

In addition to representatives from the game company, experts from Learning Corner introduce the assignments at the event, and participate in providing new perspectives on collaborative learning.

Students go to Work Corner to work on the assignments.




A research team has long been looking for funding for their new project which focuses on the development of cognitive learning potential through art.

The team hears about the new Think Corner, which provides opportunities to meet with potential funders outside of traditional funding channels.



They use online chat to talk to a community manager who tells them about events as well as ways to help them find research funding, and arranges a meeting with a Partnership Corner producer. There is an upcoming learning pitch night event on the theme of organising crowdfunding with the help of media professionals, offering researchers a platform to introduce their project ideas to corporate representatives.

The team reserves a small-group mentoring session at Media Corner to commercialise their research project.



The team is excited by the new possibilities, and decides to go to Think Corner to work on their elevator pitch for the upcoming event and to meet with the producer.

They check the bookings for the group work rooms on the multimedia wall and reserve a workspace for themselves in the upstairs area.



The workspace supports group work perfectly, as the room can be adapted to this particular session.

One team member draws the plan on the whiteboard while another documents it on her laptop and a third works on the elevator pitch presentation.